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Ben Cain

May 6th - May 29th 2011

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For the second exhibition in its 2011 programme Supplement presents a new installation by Ben Cain, which looks at our contemporary relationship to making and production.

For the exhibition Cain has created an installation in dual spaces set in relation to each other, each with their own specific function. Recalling the original uses of the space, the installation in the first room implies similitude of a workshop environment. The back space takes on a more indexical form, extrapolating the materials, objects and thought processes present in the front.

Objects are laid out on tables as materials in their raw state, these are at once sculptural detritus and raw ingredient: the formed and the as yet un-formed. Presenting here a multitude of starting points and elementary stages of production. Along with the elements of the installation they propose transference between a material that has been ‘influenced’; moulded, adapted, and a material that is untouched, yet to be altered.

The installation encases the gallery space in a sculptural language of solidity, weight and form. It gathers together various elements that are derived from traditional sculptural processes and materials set in a relation that oscillates between still life and an active, working environment. An environment which is simultaneously moribund and which assuredly continues to tick.



Ben Cain (b 1975 Leeds, Uk) Selected recent exhibitions include: The Other Workshop, Herbert Reed Gallery, Canterbury (2011), Have A Look, Have A Look. FormContent gallery, London (2010), Kubus. ‘Collective what?’ Lenbachaus, Munich, (2009) Museum of Modern Art Zagreb. Forthcoming exhibitions include: Time Space Effort at Gallery Vela (8 June 2010).