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Casting Glances in All Directions

Gwenneth Boelens, Rob Lye, Philomene Pirecki, Camilla Wills
April 7th - May 6th 2012

> Artforum.com Critic's Pick, London: Casting Glances in All Directions, by Chris Sharp.

Maurice Blanchot writes of how the accumulation of meanings and readings a work gathers over time provide it with its space, but not its location. This is, in a way, what the exhibition is about. A sense of drift, a locationless crossing of thresholds. The gallery is a container for all of the meanings to be poured in to.

The idea of a threshold implies transgression, in fact it requires the idea of transgression to define itself, sort out its sides. The exhibition looks to the edges, to the slip between one bit and the other. A shifting space of meaning formed within and around the works. As Edmond Jabés remarks ‘the centre is the threshold’. This seems a suitable dictum around which to gather some thoughts, some artworks. An unstable locus that proposes rather than states the connections.

An exhibition uncertain as to the degree of solidity of its edges


Gwenneth Boelens (1980, Soest, The Netherlands, lives and works in the Netherlands) Recent exhibitions include A Dutch Landscape at La Casa Encendida, Madrid; The Sound of Downloading Makes Me Want to Upload at the Sprengel Museum, Hannover; and Prix de Rome 2011 at Smart Project Space, Amsterdam. Gwenneth Boelens is represented by Klemm’s, Berlin.

Rob Lye (1982, Wiltshire, UK, lives and works in London) Recent exhibitions and performances include Young British Art 2, curated by Ryan Gander and Christina von Rotenhan at DIENSTGE BÄUDE, Zurich, Checklist as part of Mousse Magazine and A Dying Artist at the ICA, London.

Philomene Pirecki (1972, Jersey, Channel Islands, lives and works in London) Recent exhibitions include Interiors, MOT International, Brussels, Belgium; A work in progress, Clockwork Gallery, Berlin, Germany (curated by Emma Astner); 270112 Abstractions Laure Genillard, London; Optismo Radical, 2 Josee Bienvenu gallery, New York.

Camilla Wills (1985, Cheltenham, UK, lives and works in London) Recent exhibitions include Laying Down and Kissing the Love in the Mist, curated by Laura Aldridge and Louise Shelley at Kendall Koppe, Glasgow and the Spring Residency at The Watermill Center, New York.