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The Conspiracy

Gabriele Beveridge
March 18th - April 10th 2011

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For the first exhibition in its 2011 programme Supplement presents a new installation by Gabriele Beveridge.

For the exhibition Beveridge has constructed an environment of sculptural assemblage and collage. Drawing upon the visual and material qualities of found objects and appropriated imagery from magazines such as LIFE and Picture Post, the installation explores the function of the historical in imagery. Through grounding the work in museological strategies of display the installation articulates the mechanisms of historicization and fascination that are brought about in reading imagery from the recent past.

Beveridge's work extends the image through the photographic and printed medium of the magazine page utilising subtle yet powerful interventions and a sculptural sensitivity in their creation. Through various uses of framing, spray paint and collage Beveridge assimilates and collapses imagery into itself. The process of masking parts of the pages in diffuse areas of colour extrapolated from the image's palette affects a play between abstraction and the image's ostensible subject of representation.

In The Conspiracy a tension is at work between the materiality of the magazine page and the interior materiality of images. The title indicates a conspiracy of the image itself, a ruse of surface and representation, and their penetration into our daily lives through various mediums of reproduction. The Conspiracy suggests a collusion, unbound by any immediately apparent narrative. It refuses to give all of the details, and leaves the viewer to make their own allegiances.

Gabriele Beveridge (b. Hong Kong 1985) studied her MA at The Slade School of Fine Art graduating in 2010. She studied Photography at Falmouth for her BA graduating in 2007.