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Paweł Śliwiński
November 25th - December 18th 2011

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For its final exhibition in the 2011 programme, Supplement is proud to present the first solo exhibition in the UK by the Polish artist Paweł Śliwiński.

Born in Chełm, a town by the Polish-Ukrainian border, Śliwiński’s first encounters with painting were within the regional context of BWAs, state-run 'Bureaus of Artistic Exhibitions', a network of institutions once committed to animating local artistic scenes. Working with amateur artists, who are now largely forgotten, their work became emblematic of an uninteresting and unoriginal state sanctioned art. It is this context of ‘amateur’ or ‘disgraced’ painting that acts as a starting point for Śliwiński’s practice. Creating work outside of the dominant artworld centres, the melancholia of defeat, the fluid and short-lived natures of artistic hierarchies permeate Śliwiński’s works.

Śliwiński's figurative compositions contain distinctly contemporary Polish themes of aggression, drunkenness, hooliganism, and football, with underlying concerns of the body, discipline, power and strength. His works delve into the traditions of painting, crossing the borders of taste, genre and subject. The title Family, suggesting difference and bloodline, hierarchy and unity, tradition and the new, binds the styles and characters in the exhibition with an underlying sense of humour that undercuts the seriousness of the works. They are persistent attempts to negotiate the complex relationships and status of the painter and the act of painting.

Paweł Śliwiński (Born 1984, Chełm, Poland). MFA 2009 Painting, Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, Poland. Selected solo exhibitions; In Paint We Trust, Kolonie Gallery, Warsaw, 2011; Cotman 666, A Gallery, Warsaw, 2009. Selected group exhibitions: Landscape, Portrait, Still Life, Kolonie Gallery, 2011; Hi, Galeria Stereo, Poznań, 2011,

Paweł Śliwiński’s solo exhibition is supported by The Polish Cultural Institute, and is co-curated by Pavel S. Pyś.