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Richard Sides


2008:	BA (Hons), Contemporary Fine Art, Sheffield Hallam University

Selected Exhibitions

2009:	Contested Ground, 176 - The Zablodowicz Collection, London
		Performance as part of Radiator Festival, Backlit Gallery, Nottingham

2008:	V22 presents: The Wharf Road Project (with Supplement), London
		Songs from the Aether, Bloc Projects, Sheffield
		Prism: Pt 1, Showroom Cinema, Sheffield
		Up and Coming, CUC, Liverpool

2007:	Aperion, part of It Couldn?��t Be Made Up, Surface Gallery, Nottingham
		To sow a jangling noise of words unknown, End Gallery, Sheffield
		Autus, Botanical Gardens, Sheffield
		Spakkernumb: Cinema Option 3, End Gallery, Sheffield
		62, 500 metres, Victoria baths, Manchester

2006:	Gift, Liverpool Biennial Fringe, Liverpool
		Reflex / Loop, End Gallery, Sheffield


Interstice - Curatorial project developed in collaboration with Thom O'Nions. The project is mainly involved with the dissemination of artists' work in the form of public events, audio releases and printed works

Forest Creature - Musical project in collaboration with Ben Moon. The project is also concerned with independent publishing and promotion.


2008:	The Sarah Becker Memorial Prize for Outstanding Innovation in Sculpture 

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