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Absence of Evidence is not Evidence of Absence

Sarah Forrest
September 1st - September 23rd 2012


She couldn’t decide whether to place the object in reality or not so she compromised and placed the object on the table and wrote about it as though it was in her hand.

“It was in her hand,” she wrote, then she put down her pen.

Should she mention the table at all?

To meet an object, she writes, in a sentence suffers. There are three dots here. Can the sentence sense the presence of the thing and say so, so both the thing and the sentence are presented?

On the table there is a piece of paper and a pen that she picks up again.

The double is the initial repetition, the first repetition of the same, but also that which keeps repeating itself, emerging in the same place, springing up at the most awkward times, both as an irruption of the unexpected and with clockwork precision, totally unpredictable and predictable in one.

The table is a fact and beyond that the things that she puts on to it are allowed to be moved.

Pick up the pen.

It is not a question of giving oneself up to a sense of mere aimlessness or alienation, but rather of trying to follow a path as carefully and critically – in a certain sense as rationally – as possible, uncertain nevertheless of where it began or appears to end.

She appears caught up in the very process she seeks to comprehend.

Supplement is proud to present Sarah Forrest’s Absence of Evidence is not Evidence of Absence, a new HD video work filmed and developed during a six-week residency on the Orkney Isles.

Sarah Forrest was awarded the inaugural Margaret Tait Residency, funded by Creative Scotland’s Creative Futures Programme and run in partnership with the Glasgow Film Festival, The Pier Arts Centre and LUX. Absence of Evidence is not Evidence of Absence is the artist’s initial response to the residency which will lead to the premier of a new film at the Glasgow Film Festivals in 2013.

Sarah Forrest (b. 1981 Dundee) is an artist based in Glasgow, she graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2010. During which time she studied in Piet Zwat Institute, Rotterdam as part of the Erasmus exchange programme. Recent Exhibitons include: Magic Love Trade Objects, curated by Jan Verwoert, Geneva (2012); In the Shadow of the Hand, collaborative exhibition with Virginia Hutchison, Glasgow International (2012); P is for Protagonist (Solo), Glasgow Sculpture Studios, Glasgow (2011); The Spectator (Solo), Intermedia Gallery, CCA, Glasgow (2011)